Planning a Sweet 16

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Planning a Sweet 16

Were you looking for help to plan a sweet 16? Are you extremely excited but have no idea where to start? Well you have come to the right place. Planning a sweet 16 party is very fun and exciting. This is the time when a young girl reaches womanhood! A sweet 16 is the time when a girl can first start to drive and become more independent.

Planning a Sweet 16
Planning a Sweet 16

When planning the party, you will want to consider the following things:

  • What Will the Theme Be?
  • The party venues in orange county for sweet 16
  • Party Date/ Time
  • Approximate number of guests
  • Will the e Party Be Formal or Casual?
  • What is the Budget?

Planning the perfect theme is all about choosing what the sweet 16 girl will enjoy the most. Consider the following:

  • Does she like to dance?
  • Is she really into a particular sport or activity?
  • Does she love fashion and glamour?
  • Is she more into the punk rock scene?

By thinking about her personality, it will be much easier to find the right theme. There are a few “Most Popular” themes right now. These include:

  • Glow in the Dark sweet 16
  • Nightclub party
  • Black and White Formal party
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme

Now the venue can be anywhere from the Backyard of your house to a ballroom in a hotel. The venue in Orange County for sweet 16 will depend on the size and formality of the party, as well as your party budget. A few venue places include:

  • A ballroom
  • A party room from a country club
  • At a restaurant
  • At the Beach

The party date and time is important to decide on before inviting your guests. This will help ensure that your guests will be up to date with what’s happening, and fewer cancellations will be made. It is good for your guests to know the start and end time of the party so that everyone has a ride planned to get to the party and home safely.

The number of guests will help you decide how big the venue in Orange County for sweet 16 must be, as well as how much food, cake and party favors should be available for the guests. This will help a lot when you are planning your budget.

Deciding whether the party will be formal or casual is important right from the start. This will help you choose a good theme, the proper decorations, and inform your guests early on about the dress code at the party.

The budget is very important to plan because this will help you decide how much you can spend like an allowance would. This will help you split up the costs of:

  • The best venues in Orange County for sweet 16
  • Decorations
  • Food/ Cake
  • Party Favors and Prizes
  • Entertainment

Having a budget will be the most important key to planning a sweet 16 party. Good luck and have fun!